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A Selection of Consortium Video Links

Building a Virtual Museum with ArtSteps. Presenter Susan Abdulezer.

The Summer Series: Best Practices for a New Landscape

Dance and Movement. Presenter, Rachel McCaulsky.

Visual Arts. Presenter Susan Gonzalez.

Music. Presenter, Brian Wagner-Yeung.

December, 2021 Conference: Connecting and Re-Connecting – With Our Students, Their Families, Our Partners, Ourselves

With ASL interpretation and Closed Captioning

Day One Welcome/Overview 

Creating Best Practices for Connecting and Reconnecting through the Arts – with Ourselves, SWDs, Colleagues, Families, and Organizations
Panelists: Rachel McCaulsky, Michael Pantone, Erica Rooney, Nisheva-Starr.
Moderated by Elise May.

Playful Lives: Processing trauma through stories, mythology, and games
Presenters: Seánan Forbes, Zennie Trieu.

Already Enough: Using the Inherent Creativity of Black Culture to Serve Black Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Presenters: Chloe Diggs, Shanae Irving, Chiamaka Ikpeze.

Day Two Welcome 

Trauma-Informed Practices as a Tool for Reconnection
Presenters: Madeline Calandrillo, Andrea Palma, Caitlyn McCain.

Digital Art: Making Connections, Staying Connected
Presenter: Danielle Nacht.

Building Community Through Mindfulness
Presenter: Rachel McCaulsky.

Community Connections, Next Steps, Closing
Presenters: Rachel McCaulsky, Wema Ragophala, Stephen Yaffe.