Consortium conference attendees in breakout discussion
P94M students perform at a Consortium conference
Students in The PS 177 Technology Band perform at a Consortium conference
A student and her mother deliver the keynote address, Bringing Out What I Had in Me, at a Consortium conference
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Arts for All Abilities Consortium LLC
(formerly The Arts in Special Education Consortium)

  • We believe the Arts reveal and deepen the capacity of students with disabilities
  • We believe the Arts provide students with disabilities important, and sometimes their best, means to make, understand and express meaning
  • We believe the Arts give students with disabilities increased access to the world and increased possibilities in it
  • We believe the Arts provide those working with and supporting students with disabilities critical insights and new entry points, and increased motivation and opportunity to grow new, multiple, meaningful and innovative partnerships
  • We believe in making more – and more – room at the table

© 2014 by Arts In Special Education Consortium

Organized in 2007, The Consortium provides means by which professionals and key stakeholders involved in arts education for students on the special education spectrum in New York can share perspectives, determine needs, develop ways to meet them, deepen practice and understanding. Our purpose… read more

The Consortium is grateful to the New York State Council on the Arts for their continued support.

The Arts for All Abilities Consortium relies on grants and contributions from partners like you to continue our mission of increasing understanding of arts education provided to special education students.

Your contribution is tax deductible, to the full extent of the law.